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Product Reviews

M5x0,8 - 2,0D Einsätze (10)


excellent product and service ,

seeley race

M2.5-0.45x1.5D Wire Thread Inserts (Bag of 10)

Good inserts

The recoil inserts are good value for money and quality parts


M3x0,5 - 1.5D Einsätze (10)

Good inserts

Good value inserts of high quality


M4x0,7 - 1.5D Einsätze (10)

Good inserts

Good value inserts and value for money


M14x1,25 Kit Zündkerze

Good quality tap, tang insert tool poor

Very happy with high quality cutter but the install tool which claims to double as a driver is rubbish (it is a half inch under the flap, the tap is 3/8 drive ) . Considering it is for spark plugs the short and wide insert tool is really not fit for purpose.


Pro XL M8x1,25

As described and easy to use

Well worth having a go yourself rather than paying a garage.

Peter Oakley

M8x1,25 - 1,0D Einsätze (10)

As described - prompt delivery

Well worth having a go yourself and save on garage costs.

Peter Oakley

M10x1,25 Kit Feingewinde


great item. fast delivery. perfect service. thanks

laura brutnell

M12x1,25 Kit Zündkerze

Great bit of kit

This kit makes spark plug thread repair very easy. Within minutes of the kit being delivered the repair was done. There is no drilling required. Just re-tap the hole and fit the insert.


M3x0,5 Kit Standard

Thread replacement kit.

Swift delivery, well packaged, clear instructions, easy to use (for a first timer) and saved me a lot more by being able to replace a stripped thread. Certainly recommended.


M8x1,25 - 1,5D Einsätze (10)

Rapid service!

Very prompt restock of inserts for my old Recoil helicoil kit. It wasn't clear which ones I needed but prompt technical support identified the correct ones and they were sent by return post.


BSF 3/16-32 kit


This is a quality product and does what it says perfectly every time.

Andreas Adamou

BSW 1/4-20 Kit


This is a quality product and we use all sizes and they work perfectly every time and they are priced equally as well. Will continue to add to our stock.

Andreas Adamou

Metric inserts M8-1.25x1.5D

Very Good

The product was very good and the supply lead time from date of order was also superb. Overall a great summary.

Robin Lambkin

M6x1 - 1.0D Einsätze (10)

Great service

The items I ordered fulfilled my expectation and was promptly delivered to my letter-box. Very good.

Sven-Erik Johansen

Recoil® Drahtgewindeeinsätze und Werkzeugsysteme

Qualitativ hochwertige Drahtgewindeeinsätze von Recoil ermöglichen es, widerstandsfähige, dauerhafte Gewinde in Metallen und Kunststoffen zu setzen und eignen sich insbesondere für die Bereitstellung fester Gewinde in weicheren Werkstoffen wie Aluminium-, Titan- und Magnesiumlegierungen. Finden Sie hier heraus, wie Recoil Einsätze funktionieren


Recoil bietet Einsätze in einem breiten Größenspektrum an, von 2 mm bis 100 mm Durchmesser und in fast allen Gewindeformen, einschl. METRISCH, UNC, UNF, BSC, BA, BSP und BSW. Wir halten auch seltener nachgefragte Gewindeformen wie National Pipe Taper (NPT) auf Lager. Unsere neuen zapfenlosen Einsätze mit der Bezeichnung Tangless® eignen sich insbesondere für den Motorenbau und die Elektronik. Weitere Informationen über unser Angebot an Gewindeeinsätzen.